Friday, February 19, 2010


   This is a list of some basic steps to the path of ‘Enlightenment' based on my own experience and what I have researched. Note: this list is very basic as there is so much more to each step and the process is long, but for the purpose of space, I have limited this post to a very basic blueprint.
  • Recognizing a need for change or growth in one's personal life/spiritual path.
  • A desire to make the needed changes in whatever area is necessary.
  • Unstoppable determination to seek out the information or guidance for achieving the goal.
  • Recognizing a need to look inward, even if fearful of what will be found.
  • Finding and using a way to quiet down the noise in your mind and the busyness of life.
  • Recognizing a need for finding your life's purpose and then finding a way to bring it to life.
  • Learning to use the power of your mind to change unwanted habits or thought patterns, create new beliefs, and live the life of your dreams by creating a new reality.
  • Learning to love and listen to your Higher Self.
  • Learning to love all beings without harsh judgment for what we don't understand or religious boundaries
   Ultimately the end result is to love self and others unconditionally however, it is impossible to accomplish this in my opinion, until a person finds fulfillment and happiness in their own life.

     Every person's experience in the sequence of the progression will be different as we all start with circumstances and situations that are unique to each individual. The similarities lie in the basic ingredients to the formula and the human experience.

      There is so much information available to every person who wants it and once you are on the path everything that is necessary for you to learn will miraculously appear during your search. You will be drawn to a word or an idea, a video, a newsletter, and you will know through insight and little coincidences, that you are on the right path.

"When the student is ready, the master (teacher) will appear." BUDDHISTPROVERB

     There are those of us who are stubborn and don't listen or don't believe what is being communicated, like I was for so long, and in that case life just continues to become more difficult. So if your life just seems to be increasingly difficult even though you appear to be doing everything the way you think you are supposed to, then it's is time to ‘Awaken' and find your path....
   We are all connected and are a part of the same energy that permeates the universe. It is time to take back our personal power and make changes for the good of all. It's time to change the world one person at a time and it starts with you and I. Find your enlightenment. Find your purpose and share your own unique light with all of us!
     Check out the video below and enjoy. Who knew science could be cool! I love this!!!

Prosperity, Peace, and Love to all.....
Aniell : )
p.s. Please share your insight and experiences and leave your comments or questions. Also please don't forget to share this website with those whom you know are searching, interested, or knowledgeable and help me make this community grow!! : )


this is a quick read that will jump start you on your way to enlightenment....