Friday, March 5, 2010


     Is our world changing for the better? If you look around at all of the things that are going on in our world, you might say ‘absolutely not'. If we were to base everything that we believe, on what is going on in our world right now, what hope do we have in anything getting better? I would say ‘not one little bit'. If on the other hand we were to base our belief on what is going on behind the scenes in the hearts and minds of the human race, we may say without a doubt ‘yes'. Well, who's hearts and minds are we talking about here? If you are reading this then I would say yours, mine, and a growing number of people who have become or are in the process of, a shift in consciousness. An awakening as some would say.

     I'm sure that most people have heard of the New Age Movement that started some years ago and maybe you are even turned off by the label or even the idea, because you think it is just a bunch of weird people talking about a bunch of hippie stuff, stuck in the 60's. Maybe it is weird stuff, but isn't anything that we don't understand kinda weird? I think it's weird, but I also think that the more I understand it and immerse myself in it, I think it's wonderous and ‘I get it'. The more ‘I get it', the more I appreciate it, because I can feel myself changing on a very deep level. A shift in consciousness.

     Essentially, we are still talking about the date of 12/21/2012 as a reference point for all of the discussions on this subject in the forum. The Mayan ‘Prophesy' that everyone is talking about, when researched, has no actual documentation that says that this will be the end of our world. According to scholars there are no accounts of impending catastrophe in Mayan writings. At best, the end of the Mayan calendar signifies the end of a cycle of time, which the Mayan people consider a time of great celebration. "Mayan archaeologist Jose Huchm has stated that "If I went to some Mayan-speaking communities and asked people what is going to happen in 2012, they wouldn't have any idea. That the world is going to end? They wouldn't believe you. We have real concerns these days, like rain"." (from Wikepedia 2012 Phenomenon).

     So does that mean that this date has no significance? I don't think so. Looking at many different theories and writings from cultures all over the world, who point to this date as a time of great change, it is possible to weave a tapestry in the mind that may be the catalyst that the human race needs to come together and finally make the changes that are needed to create a heaven on earth. That is, if people will open their minds to new ways of interpreting what is truth,the changes will occur one person at a time. It starts with myself and then another and another.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Buddhist Proverb.

"I can't change another person. I can only change myself. Others tend to change in response to the changes in me." Unknown Author.

     We can focus our energy on changes for good or we can focus our energy on creating the destruction that we want to avoid. Science has proven that everything is energy and therefore everything operates through that energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy that create our reality. I vote for focusing on the good energy. How about you?

     Some of the different theories to check out for yourself, are: The Galactic Alignment that just so happens to fall on the Winter Solstice of 2012, the arrival of the Age of Aquarius (much controversy surrounds this as to whether we are in it and when it actually begins), Terrance McKenna's Time Wave Zero based on his interpretation of the King Wen sequence of the I Ching, which he calculated to end in the year 2012, Hindu Vedic Astrologers (also controversial). Try visiting different websites that focus on these ideas and find out what they are saying about the shift in consciousness; watch YouTube videos on meditation and consciousness. What ever you are being called to, will present itself to you in perfect order for what you need to know, to grow on your personal path, at the time that you need to know it. Even if some of the information is inaccurate, that will be revealed to you as it is needed. It's all a part of the shift.......

Here's to smooth shifting.....

Aniell  : )


Thursday, March 4, 2010


    Most people have heard something about the date of 12/21/2012, whether good or bad, it is something to talk about and some may say ‘or not'. : ) There are always at least, two sides to every argument, opinion, or theory. In this case there are many, some positive, some negative, and some neutral or undecided. The extreme negative are in our face from the recent film 2012, YouTube videos about planet X (Nibiru) slamming into the earth, among other cosmic disasters, and then there are the age old prophesies of Revelations, Nostradamus, the Mayan, and the Hopi. Even some of the prophesies are skewed by speculation or dramatized for sensationalism. The later two are not necessarily completely negative or clear. Then there are the more positive opinions and theories, from New Age Thinkers, Galactic Alignment Theory, Time Wave Zero associated with the I Ching by Terrance McKenna which contemplate the dawning of the new Golden Age with the Awakening of all to higher consciousness or a consciousness shift. There are also opinions from those who believe that something is going to happen but they are just not sure what that something might be, maybe a mixture of the good and the bad.

     What ever the truth is no one will really know for sure until that date arrives and we can all see for ourselves. Yet there will be those who get a thrill from spreading fear and chaos and those who will latch onto the negative ideas and stress out over the supposed coming doom and destruction. They will stockpile food and supplies, build shelters, arm themselves with weapons, and do all the things that can be done to survive a catastrophic event.

     Some may choose to go about the business of living their lives and continuing to grow and evolve in their individual consciousness', for their known purpose. Striving toward building a more loving and peaceful world, fighting pollution, and coming up with new ways and ideas for preventing and handling possible catastrophes, that may happen in the near future.

     Some may just shake their head and choose to ignore the whole thing with a ‘whatever will be, will be' attitude. Some will just not care one way or the other or be confused about it because of a lack of information.

     It reminds me so much of the 90's and the Y2K scare. People were really scared that this was the end. I remember how people reacted by doing some of the same things that they are doing now to prepare for disaster. Look. I'm not saying that it's not a smart thing to do, to prepare for possible hard times or even a disaster, especially if living in a place where disasters are known to happen or could happen. I also realize that sometimes these things are beyond any one's knowledge and may be unpreventable. What I am saying is that I don't think anyone can predict something with 100% accuracy, such as the end of the world....

     In my opinion, in order to make an intelligent informed decision about what beliefs a person chooses to accept, research, logic, and a sense of ‘knowing, a spiritual sense of knowing in your heart' what rings as truth for that person is the only way to go. If indeed we must go...

Prosperity, Light, and Love,

Below is a list of products and websites for you to explore. Do some research and see what resonates with you. The first 3 on the list are products for purchase which I will receive a commission from if you go through the link on this page ( I am required to disclose this information according to the new FTC endorsement rules) and I thank you in advance if you do decide to purchase. The websites listed below them are sites that I have found of interest in my own research. I think circles of light is my favorite though. Can you guess what my opinion of 2012 is?

2012 Secrets Exposed!

2012 Official Countdown

Interesting Websites: many articles on different theories many informative articles from enlightenment view great site for kids

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


    Here is an interesting question for all of us. When faced with a situation that just really pisses you off, what do you do? Do you react or do you respond? Most people would say that the correct answer is to respond and they would be right, however what about on the inside. Think about it. Even though we may respond appropriately on the level of what is socially or politically correct, on the inside there may be a whole different scenario going on. We may wish any number of unfortunate things to happen to that person or use a passive aggressive approach and do something sarcastically to help them along or trip them up. Sound familiar? Oh come on you know you’ve done it, here’s an example:

     ‘Your co-worker, who already irritates you, makes another stupid comment at the most inappropriate time and then wants to engage you in conversation for the next 10 minutes talking about a topic that makes absolutely no sense to you. You laugh a little and excuse yourself politely, then go about your business. On the inside you are having a whole different conversation with yourself about that person and it does not involve sending them a nice bottle of wine.…..Later on you may “forget” to relay an important piece of information or do a small task that if left undone by you, you know will have to be done by that person….Day after day this goes on and things just seem to get worse even if on the outside we continue to try different approaches in responding correctly to the situation’….

     Sound familiar? It’s a vicious cycle and you can apply that type of scenario to any situation in life.

      Eventually we may end up confronting the individual or walking away from the situation completely. Then we have to try to sort through all of the feelings and attitudes that have built up over time and have added to our dysfunctional behavior. We justify that we tried every thing we could possibly have done, but don’t ya know, that same scenario keeps repeating itself in our lives over and over again in different situations.

     So how do we change it? One simple word can change everything. That word is BLESSING. Yes, that’s right blessing. Instead of cursing them, which is really what we secretly do in our heads with all of the negative thoughts and actions, why not try blessing them. It does not need to be anything more than just that one word spoken silently, secretly, with the same calm demeanor that we “respond” with on the outside. Phrase it if you like, any way you feel comfortable with, but do it no matter how you really feel, just do it.

     You may be asking ‘How can that possibly change anything?’ That takes us back to the fact that our thoughts create our reality. This includes what we think “about” other people. Play with that for a little while. If we think negatively ‘about their behavior’ or what we don’t like ‘about them’, our negativity invites more of the same ‘from them’. There is no expectation or anticipation of change. With a blessing, however there is an expectation or anticipation of change and there is no negativity in it, for either the other person or the self. This brings both people into alignment with ‘Oneness’. Now imagine if every one of us made this a practice?

     Let me end this with another thought. Does making this practice of blessing others when an irritating or uncomfortable situation comes in to play mean that our personalities have to change? Do we give up our sense of humor, our mannerisms, our personalities and become a bunch of pious and proper idiots. No. The blessing brings us into alignment with each other. It makes us more in tune to each others feelings and increases understanding, tolerance, and respect for one another’s place in this life. It may be a change that only occurs within us and not the other person. It may be a change in the circumstances or any combination, what makes it meaningful, is that there is no negativity coming from the self. It breeds empathy, compassion, laughter, and a positive attitude. That is what I want in my life…. How about you?

I see you….

suggested reading:

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


    There are many ways of changing thought patterns and replacing negative beliefs. However, just the thought of trying to figure out what the different methods are, and go through the process of finding out what they are, can be an overwhelming endeavor to even begin. So here is my list of things that I have found in my own search. By doing further research on some of the different methods, you will be able to find one or two ways that work well for you.

Here is the list of methods that I have found:

   BWE=Brain Wave Entrainment is used to bring the brain into various states of consciousness through the use of pulsed tones that cause the brain to produce an electrical response stimulating different areas of the brain. In a sense quietening the mind for clearer thought processes. For a more detailed report go to:

   NLP=Neurolinguistic Programming is "the means to study the underlying representations within the mind in order to reconstruct behavior and turn such modeled behavior into permanent unconscious habit. NLP uses Modeling in three patterns of behavior; physical, linguistic, and cognitive." From

   Subliminal Messages= available through many programs which use visual or audio messages embedded in video or behind music or nature sounds. They can also be used in any combination including with BWE and or hypnosis.

   Hypnosis=Hypnosis involves an introduction to the procedure during which the subject is told that suggestions for imaginative experiences will be presented. When using hypnosis, one person (the subject) is guided by another (the hypnotist) to respond to suggestions for changes in subjective experience, alterations in perception, sensation, emotion, thought or behavior. A person can also learn self-hypnosis.

   EFT= also known as ‘Tapping'. Basically this therapeutic modality uses tapping with the fingertips at certain points on the body that correspond with energy circuits throughout the body. These energy circuits...or meridians, are a central theme in Eastern health practices and form the basis for modern day acupuncture, acupressure and a wide variety of other healing techniques. The essence behind EFT according to Gary Craig, in The EFT Manual is: "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." In essence by tapping these meridians, it is possible to release the disruption in the flow of energy and allow negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to be replaced by positive ones. It is more involved than that, but for now...the short version.

   Positive affirmations using short sentences with positive statements, usually in the present tense and with the use of "I am" instead of "I want to", "I hope to", etc...Can also help to change negative thoughts and beliefs.

    Energy Healing=The techniques used in energy healing sometimes called Aura Balancing can used a pendulum or the hands to balance the energy field (aura) surrounding the body as a preventative to disease and a psychological integration and spiritual alignment. the balancing occurs through a shift in reality based on spiritual mind and the expression of living love out of Source. Another method uses intention and the spoken word and can be effective even from a distance. There are many energy workers out there and you can find some of them at If you can center yourself and receive the energy, you will see that this can be very powerful in shifting you to the next level of consciousness. 

     This list is meant to offer several alternatives to explore and use for changing negative thinking and beliefs. As always, please do your research before using any of these methods, use what feels right for you, and come back here to look for more detailed information in future posts on each of the methods mentioned as well as new ones that may come to light in the future.



Monday, March 1, 2010




     Did you ever wonder why it's so hard to change negative thinking? After all, it seems that if we don't want the negative thoughts to begin with, then why are we thinking them? Where are they coming from? Did you ever wake up in the morning and decide; ‘Hey! I think I'll fill my day with negative thoughts.' Of course not ! At least not on purpose, right?

     Well....yes and no. You see most of our thoughts begin at a subconscious level and come from the deeply rooted belief system that we have learned throughout our lives, which began from early childhood. Things that are said to us become deeply imbedded in our subconscious minds and this is what we remember when a similar circumstance presents itself to us. If you haven't ever consciously worked on changing these deep rooted beliefs, then they will rear their ugly head when we come to a similar or familiar situation that triggers the belief that was formed at that time. Those are the thoughts that are most likely behind every bad day you have ever had.

    It's hard to change these thoughts because we have to become aware of them. We have to set our intentions to be diligent enough to catch the thought patterns as they present themselves. It takes repetition and trial and error. You may think that it's just too hard and give up sometimes, but then you have to ask yourself these questions.
  1. "Do I really want to change my life and clear out old negative thinking patterns?"
  2. "Am I tired enough of all of the unrealized dreams and successes that I could have had, if I had not talked myself out of them?"
  3. "What is my freedom from negativity worth to me? Am I willing to pay that price?"
  4. "What are some of the goals that I could reach if I could just change those negative thought patterns?"

    If you have answered yes to 1, 2, and 3b, and  you were able to put a value to the freedom and you can name some of the goals that could be achieved, then you are ready to start working on changing this for yourself.

     Sometimes we think that the changes that we need to make are going to happen by saying a prayer, reading a book, or attending a seminar. This can happen, but most of the time those kinds of changes are short lived. It takes some hard work to change something that has been with you for a long time. Just like a bad habit. We have to retrain our brains to think the more positive thoughts and establish new beneficial beliefs that will help us accomplish our goals, be successful, and realize our dreams.

     I'm sure you have heard some of these principals before. Maybe even tried some of these things for a while and then gave up a time or two. That is just part of the process. If that does happen, get up, brush it off, and try again. Don't entertain thoughts of failure and defeat for not being able to win the battle, as these are a strategically placed trap that the subconscious mind uses to keep holding on to the negativity that you are trying to get rid of. Why? Because, that is a comfort zone, believe it or not, the subconscious doesn't have anything positive to replace it with so it is familiar and comfortable even though we feel uncomfortable consciously. I know right?... 

     If there are thoughts that are so deeply ingrained that you just can't seem to get rid of them or control them, then the process becomes more complicated. You can spend months or years in counseling and therapy, which has its benefits and I have personally used this when it was needed. It gave me a foundation to work with for helping myself move into a better understanding of relationships and my own mind. However, in order to completely wipe out those deeply rooted beliefs, and continue to grow and evolve, it may be necessary to use other tools.

     I have talked about using NLP, BWE, and EFT before. I strongly believe in their use for rewiring or rearranging the way that the brain processes information. When it is paired up with subliminal messaging or hypnosis, the effects are even more impressive. I used to be afraid of things like hypnosis and subliminal messages, but since I have experienced their benefits I am fully convinced of their usefulness and safety. There are even programs that you can purchase that allow you to make your own audios or videos with subliminal messages. As a note about hypnosis,  no one can make you do something that you don't want to do, even under hypnosis. New technology is there for us to use and benefit from and embrace it instead of fearing it.

     Don't get me wrong, you should still be diligent about researching the facts behind anything that will effect your brain, but keep an open mind when researching and don't just latch on to the first negative comments or opinions that you come to. Anyone can easily find someone who has had a negative experience with anything on the internet. If you don't believe me then try Googling about something that you know to be a beneficial product or idea by typing in the negative version of the search, and see how many results you get. Again, that is a part of our negative programming. It's all around us, we just have to learn how to tune it out and fill our minds with positive people, ideas, and circumstances.

  "Any negative emotion that is not fully faced and seen for what it is in the moment it arises does not completely dissolve. It leaves behind a remnant."

   "If there is nothing you can do, face what is and say, ‘Well, right now, this is how it is. I can either accept it, or make myself miserable.' The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about the situation. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral, which always is as it is." Eckhart Tolle

     As always the theme of consciousness and awakening to your higher self presents itself. All of the things that are presented for improving life are working together to bring about the changes that are needed on an individual basis and on a global basis. We are all connected and we can all change for the greater good.

Prosperity, Light, and Love to all....

   I thought that this video was a perfect ending to this post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...



Friday, February 26, 2010


    Finding your purpose in life is empowering. Empowered people know their roles in society and they know what they can do to bring about change in themselves, in others, and in the environment. Knowing your life purpose is empowering. To become empowered and know your purpose, it is important to know several important things about yourself.

  • Know what you like (what are your hobbies and activities outside of work?).
  • Know what you don't like (what are the things that you absolutely cannot tolerate?).
  • Is there something that excites you for no reason or something that you could spend hours on and not know where the time went because you were so "into" it?
  • Know your strengths (what are you good at? What do people compliment you on?).
  • Know you weaknesses (what things do you need to work on or know that you just simply cannot do?).
  • Know what you want in your future (what are some of your goals?)
  • What do you want to be remembered for? 

     Take some time to think about these things and write them down. Even if you hate to do that, believe me, it's worth taking the time to do. It will actually give you the foundation that you need to find out what your life's purpose is. Then take a few days to think about the things that you wrote down. Revise and tweek them, so that they are very specific and detailed.

    Most methods of the process of finding your life's purpose are similar, in that there is a progression of self examination techniques, questions, and problem solving exercises that are needed. The process can take some time, many days or weeks. Or it could just come to you as an epiphany, an AHA moment of clarity, if you are open and connected to your higher self. Be patient. After all we are talking about something that will impact the rest of your life.

    It would be impossible for me to explain the entire process and all of the methods in one short forum post however, the above list is a place to start. If you are beyond that point and need more guidance, there are many good programs that can lead you through the process.

    Just remember that this process can involve many aspects of your development as a person. Use of meditation, relaxation techniques, subliminal programs for changing unwanted beliefs, EFT, NLP, quantum consciousness, Law of Attraction, or even a Life Coach may be helpful to you in your quest. Another point to think about is that as you grow and evolve, whatever you have chosen to do in the process, may change. It may grow into something that you never even dreamed of when first exploring the possibilities. The important thing is to find out what the foundation of your journey will be and then 'follow the yellow brick road' so to speak.... : } 
Love and Light to all....


Experience Your Inner Compass At Work Within You!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


First let's talk about just exactly what it really means to know your Life Purpose. I love this quote because it is a summary of what knowing my life purpose means for me....

 "There is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it's because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It's your mission on earth... And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." ~ from The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream... Paulo Coelho

    Are you getting the idea that I like the works of Paulo Coelho yet? I guess after I have quoted him 3 times now, this would be a safe assumption. : ) It talks about a passion for what I do. Finding that activity that I love to do and knowing that it's right because the universe is opening doors all around me to help me achieve my dreams and goals. Ultimately, culminating in fulfilling my ‘mission', all that I agreed to accomplish as a human being on this earth.

    For most people, that all seems nice on paper but impossible to turn into any kind of practical reality. Work is just work and a job is a job. Most people don't have the energy, much less the time to pursue such fantasies. Everyone has busy lives / schedules / family obligations / chores...busy, busy, busy....Until one day perhaps, if one is willing to allow themselves the courage to be just a little bit self nurturing, there is the realization that this "Can't Be All There Is"......Or worse, if a person keeps pushing away and ignoring desires long enough, they may become depressed, angry, bitter, miserable human beings, with all kinds of regret for not doing something about it. Sometimes, the universe itself will intervene to try and steer the person in the right direction, by creating all kinds of obstacles, until they finally listen to the voice within and pursue the right course of action.

    Is any of this resonating with you? Are you experiencing any of those situations? I did, all of the above. I had a decent J.O.B. I made decent money, but I was to the point of having the life sucked out of me every single day, with no energy left over for anything else. I was miserable and questioning everything, but I kept ignoring all the signals and nudges to look at what was really happening. Finally, the universe kicked my ass and I started losing my jobs, in what to me, were the most bizarre ways. I had to become immersed in finding my true passion and purpose. 

    Remember the above quote?..... I had a real desire for change in my life throughout that whole chain of events. I wanted more time to spend on the things that were important to me, like taking better care of my body, eating healthier, spending more quality time with family and developing better relationships with them. Working on my own personal growth and improvement, making more money so I could be more, do more, and have more.... "The desire that originated in the soul of the universe". Well, I wasn't going to accomplish any of it by staying where I was. I needed to open to my purpose and listen, to find the mission of my desire. To find that special talent inside of me that would be of value to others. In my mind I can't think of anything with greater value than what I am doing. Not because of some sense of self importance, but because this is my purpose. I love doing this. Writing about my passion and helping others find their way too. I can't imagine what would have happened if I had not finally become self nurturing or what some may have considered  a ‘Mid-Life Crisis'.

    I do know this. Since turning this corner in my life, I have found a new sense of belonging, a renewed energy to be creative, and a new sense of fulfillment. I am alive and hopeful instead of exhausted and downright miserable. I am more grateful and appreciate all that I perceive as good. I believe in myself again.....

    I'm not saying that everyone will have the same experience, because everyone will have the experience that is unique to them. I am saying that for many, there are similarities, because that is human nature, the thread that connects us all together. I am saying that if you can relate to this and you do not know your purpose, listen to your desire and the universe will conspire to help you. Your mission was established before you came to earth. Every single one of us has a talent that will produce something of value to others. Why not use it to be fulfilled and happy? What's stopping you?

Prosperity, Light, and Love to all...



Experience Your Inner Compass At Work Within You!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


   Wikipedia's definition of Spirituality is relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit, not tangible or material.
   Some religions believe that a person cannot have spirituality without religion. Traditionally spirituality is associated with religion and may include practices such as prayer, meditation, and contemplation. However, more and more people are rejecting the organized religions of the past and are embracing a broader view of spirituality. Even some atheists practice a form of spirituality that incorporates nurturing thoughts, words, emotions, and actions that are in harmony with a cause and effect flow at every level with the entire universe. .

     Science has begun to suggest that there is evidence of  spiritual effects of quantum physics in consciousness theories such as monistic idealism(consciousness creates matter or is the basis for all matter), Akashic field (Laslo's Theory of Everything ie: information field is the substance of the cosmos), and the Metaverse (universe is inside of another universe). See bottom of page for links to more information on these.

      I believe that most people are looking for a way of being in harmony on all levels, emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual in a way that is free of the threats and control of religious doctrine.

     A spiritual outlook which is more personalized, less structured, and more open to new ideas/influences, that facilitates a deep sense of self, connected to something greater than self. I believe that it is something that is as unique to each individual as the individual is to creation. In other words: We will each find our path in our own way in our own time as we focus on the journey. Our paths may intersect along the way, as they are meant to and in perfect timing, so that we can grow and learn from each other, and in the end we will arrive at the same destination in perfect harmony with the universe.

   I hope that this post will strike up some interesting conversation about spirituality. : )

"Every Warrior of the Light has felt afraid of going into battle.

Every Warrior of the Light has, at some time in the past, lied or betrayed someone.

Every Warrior of the Light has trodden a path that was not his.

Every Warrior of the Light has suffered for the most trivial of reasons.

Every Warrior of the Light has, at least once, believed he was not a Warrior of the Light.

Every Warrior of the Light has failed in his spiritual duties.

Every Warrior of the Light has said ‘yes' when he wanted to say ‘no.

Every Warrior of the Light has hurt someone he loved.

That is why he is a Warrior of the Light, because he has been through all this and yet has never lost hope of being better than he is." ~ from Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho

I see you....(Namaste)

Some interesting places to research Monistic Idealism=

Akashic Field Theory=


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


   When attempting to meditate the biggest problem sometimes is how to maintain the elusive Focus. We have the incessant mind chatter of past events, self criticism, and limiting beliefs just below the surface, sometimes annoying and sometimes undetected until we try to focus on emptiness. Then there is the clutter from unfinished business, chores, and errands. We try to focus but somehow they wiggle their way back in and we are back at square one. Fortunately there are some things that you can do that will "prep" your body and mind for meditation and also some ways to "tricking" your mind into focus. The following is a brief explanation and I have given you some links to check out that go into more detail which, I will list at the bottom for you.

    First let's take a look at preparation of the body and mind. If your muscles are tense and the body is rigid, it is much more difficult to reach a state of calm that is needed by the mind. Take a minute or two to notice if your jaw or hands are clenched. Do you hold your shoulders high up into your neck or does your neck and upper back ache? If you notice any of those signs that your body is not relaxed, take a few minutes more to start at the top of your head and relax each set of muscles in your body. For example forehead and eyebrows, cheeks and jaw, moving down the body until you've purposely relaxed every muscle group, including fingers and toes. If you are finding it difficult, you may want to use a progressive relaxation technique in which you purposely tense the muscles very tightly first and then release to relaxation. This helps a lot for people who just are not aware of the extent of their tension or rigid posture.

    Breathing is another important element of the relaxation process. Deep, slow breathes, in through the nose if possible, filling up the lungs with as much air as you can, holding for a second or two, and then releasing the breathe, blowing out slowly through pursed lips. This can and should be done at the same time as relaxing the muscle groups.

    Exercise and stretching can also be used to prepare for meditation as well as being a form of meditation. Yoga, Tai Chi, and some of the martial arts incorporate mindfulness with breathing techniques and are a great way to rid the body of tension and stress.

    OK. Now let's take a look at focusing your mind. Keep in mind that all of the techniques mentioned will incorporate some form of the relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as the focusing techniques.

     When thoughts come into your mind treat them like a fast moving cloud. Notice them and let them drift by and be gone, don't engage in them.

     Use of a mantra such as Om or Ah is another tool to use for focusing the mind. A mantra can also be a word, a sentence, or an affirmation if you like.

    Staring at an object such as a candle flame, a mandala, or any other object that you may choose is another way to get and maintain focus. Mandela's are considered a form of Sacred Geometry which, is another fascinating subject, and they can be very beautiful and intricate objects of art, that you can create and personalize yourself if you like.

     Music, guided meditation, visualization, video, and any combination of these are frequently used in meditation practices.

     What are your favorite meditation methods? What kinds of experiences have you had while using the techniques? Do you have an excellent book or website to recommend?

     Here is a list of websites I found, that are helpful, if you would like to explore them for more information on meditation. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


  this video meditation series is my favorite and it serves two purposes for me as a chakra balancing and meditation/ centering exercise in one and is best if listened to with headphones on....enjoy!


Monday, February 22, 2010


   Meditation can be defined as an intellectual exercise in silent contemplation. Basically most meditation methods are based upon the principles of cessation (meaning stop what you are doing and be still in this context)  and contemplation. Meditation is a mental
discipline, who's earliest known teachings came from Ancient India. The practitioner attempts to get beyond the reflexive, "thinking" mind into a deeper state of relaxation and awareness with the target of an empty state of mind called cessation. You may have heard it described also as samadhi, no more wandering thoughts, freedom from thought, peacefulness, emptiness, concentration, well you get the picture right? Meditation is a component of many belief systems, practiced both inside and outside of religious traditions, and has been practiced since antiquity. Different meditative disciplines encompass a wide range of spiritual or psychophysical practices that may emphasize different goals-from achievement of a higher state of consciousness, to greater focus, increased creativity and intelligence, self-awareness, personal growth, or simply a more relaxed and peaceful frame of mind, which results in better health from decreased stress levels..

   There are so many methods of meditation available and they rely on different principles to help access the desired state of focus. With a variety of ways to calm the incessant wandering thoughts of the mind, try not to get confused about it. If you've tried one or two methods in the past and they didn't work for you, just find one that does. Every one of us is different and will find the perfect avenue, to access the state of mind we are looking for.. Our main difficulty, is to find a method that is right for us and then to make the time to practice it correctly and regularly with consistency. Time, effort, practice, and patience = results, with the ultimate goal of Enlightenment or communion with the Higher Self.  Ultimately, resulting in a peronal transformation, carrying the ability to create a new or better life.....

   OK, so enough with the long explanations about what meditation is. I have found a list of 28 different methods of meditation so far.  Here's my list:

  • Japa Meditation                    Buddhist Meditation        
  • Centering Meditation           ChakraMeditation
  • Guided Meditation               Heart Meditation         
  • Meditation with Music         Tantric Meditation
  • Zen Meditation                    Pyramid Meditation          
  • Energy Meditation              Dance Meditation
  • Alpha Meditation                Meditation In Motion     
  • Christian Meditation          Catholic Meditation
  • White Light Meditation       Mindfulness Meditation
  • Standing Meditation           Walking Meditation
  • Color Meditation                Meditation & Hypnosis
  • Goal Directed Meditation  Merkaba Meditation
  • Sahaj Marg                         Auto Circadian Meditation
  • Bible Meditation                Children's Meditation

   Wow! Who knew? I'm pretty sure there are more that I haven't run across yet.

   So why does Enlightenment happen when a person meditates? Because it gets closer to the true root of the mind and its true abilities which, are normally covered over with thoughts and the distractions of life. Also, you are purifying your mind and your chi (energy), and it's your chi that's responsible for small super normal powers (more about that later).

   The point of all of this is that no one method or practice is the be all and end all of the perfect path to enlightenment and peace. Which ones are you drawn to? Try out one or two for at least 2 weeks at a time until you find what you like or what works for you.

    Also please, feel free to share your experiences and insights here in the comments forum......

Prosperity, Love, and Light to all.....
Aniell : }

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Friday, February 19, 2010


   This is a list of some basic steps to the path of ‘Enlightenment' based on my own experience and what I have researched. Note: this list is very basic as there is so much more to each step and the process is long, but for the purpose of space, I have limited this post to a very basic blueprint.
  • Recognizing a need for change or growth in one's personal life/spiritual path.
  • A desire to make the needed changes in whatever area is necessary.
  • Unstoppable determination to seek out the information or guidance for achieving the goal.
  • Recognizing a need to look inward, even if fearful of what will be found.
  • Finding and using a way to quiet down the noise in your mind and the busyness of life.
  • Recognizing a need for finding your life's purpose and then finding a way to bring it to life.
  • Learning to use the power of your mind to change unwanted habits or thought patterns, create new beliefs, and live the life of your dreams by creating a new reality.
  • Learning to love and listen to your Higher Self.
  • Learning to love all beings without harsh judgment for what we don't understand or religious boundaries
   Ultimately the end result is to love self and others unconditionally however, it is impossible to accomplish this in my opinion, until a person finds fulfillment and happiness in their own life.

     Every person's experience in the sequence of the progression will be different as we all start with circumstances and situations that are unique to each individual. The similarities lie in the basic ingredients to the formula and the human experience.

      There is so much information available to every person who wants it and once you are on the path everything that is necessary for you to learn will miraculously appear during your search. You will be drawn to a word or an idea, a video, a newsletter, and you will know through insight and little coincidences, that you are on the right path.

"When the student is ready, the master (teacher) will appear." BUDDHISTPROVERB

     There are those of us who are stubborn and don't listen or don't believe what is being communicated, like I was for so long, and in that case life just continues to become more difficult. So if your life just seems to be increasingly difficult even though you appear to be doing everything the way you think you are supposed to, then it's is time to ‘Awaken' and find your path....
   We are all connected and are a part of the same energy that permeates the universe. It is time to take back our personal power and make changes for the good of all. It's time to change the world one person at a time and it starts with you and I. Find your enlightenment. Find your purpose and share your own unique light with all of us!
     Check out the video below and enjoy. Who knew science could be cool! I love this!!!

Prosperity, Peace, and Love to all.....
Aniell : )
p.s. Please share your insight and experiences and leave your comments or questions. Also please don't forget to share this website with those whom you know are searching, interested, or knowledgeable and help me make this community grow!! : )


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