Monday, September 9, 2013

In This Moment

Just For Today


The phrase “Just For Today”, has a very universal meaning and application to it. It is the beginning of each phrase in the 5 Reiki Principles, it is the title of a prayer in 12 step programs, it is the culmination of many moments implied in the spiritual practice of living “In The Moment.”  So what about these two phrases is so powerful that they are the foundation of many belief systems and practices?


Here is what I think. Living in the moment or just for today has a way of slowing us down long enough to focus on what is truly important in life and allows us to give some serious thought to our actions, our thoughts, and our words, and even our reactions to the events, people, and world around us. It affects our energy levels in a way that enhance our lives and the lives of all of those that we encounter, whether directly or indirectly. This applies to life with our family, friends, and acquaintances and with people that we do business with, in our jobs or as a consumer.

It has the capacity to bring peace and balance into our hearts and minds , and substance into our lives, no matter what the situation may hold by making the decision that in this moment or just for today “I will or will not say, do, or think a particular thought, deed, or action.” It can involve any combination of thoughts, emotions, actions, or intentions, including judging as right/wrong, good/bad, etc. If you think about it, this can change everything in life. After all, our minds are a very powerful, creative force, and whether we want to recognize this or not, we are the creators of our own reality in each and every moment. Some examples of how to use these statements would be as follows:  from the Reiki Principles;

      v  Just for today, I will; not worry.

v  Just for today, I will not be angry.

v  Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

v  Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

v  Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

 Or from the 12 Step Programs;
v  Just for today, I will try to live through this day only, and not tackle my whole life problems at once.

v  Just for today, I will be happy.

v  Just for today, I will try to strengthen my mind. I will study. I will learn something useful. I will not be a mental loafer. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration.

v  For the full list visit this link:

Or from my own personal list;

v  In this moment, I will breathe in and feel my body, strong and healthy, and full of light and life.

v  In this moment, I will choose the option to keep my thoughts aligned with my highest purpose in the will of my Creator, and to reject the ego mind that tries to destroy my joy.

v  In this moment, I will notice my surroundings and in this notice the creation of synchronistic harmony with life.

v  In this moment, I choose to see the world as a friendly and loving place, willing to provide all of my needs and desires in abundance, in alignment with the will of my Creator.
The point is, that any one of us can make up or use a “Just For Today” or “In This Moment” statement and use it to our advantage to change anything that we would like to change in our life. It is not something that will become a part of your everyday life automatically, and I won’t say that is an easy practice to incorporate into your life.

I will say that, it may depend on how painful or desperate you are to change a situation or belief system because sometimes it takes our being in enough pain to make us angry enough about it, and  decide to make a change. With this decision  over time, with trial and error, and with practice, the changes will begin to take shape and your world will be a more joyful experience.

Most people say that with their busy life, they don’t have the time to even think about something like this. I was one of them.  Well, that is the point, which is what we have created for ourselves, in telling ourselves that we are not worth the time that it takes to “Be in the Moment”. It is one of the ego’s tricks that keeps us stuck in that paradigm.  

 I have to say that this was a good reminder for me today to return to this practice and use it in my own journey. I hope that it was helpful for you who are reading and I hope that it will be a useful tool in creating your new life.

aka Annette Schunk
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


     When I am attempting to change something in my life there is one thing that I have learned that never fails. I need this one thing to be true at a very deep level of my heart. This one thing is to be "willing". Just to be willing allows the possibility for change.

     Sometimes, things pop into our awareness and a light bulb goes off that this is possibly something that needs to be different or it's in our face that it has to be different now! Regardless of how it shows up, we are made aware of the need. Sometimes it shows up in our awareness and we recognize the need for a change, but there is a resistance deep inside that wants to keep holding on to that thought process, habit, fear, or resistance. The ego goes about trying to talk us into keeping it for a little bit longer or to just ignore it. Unless we are determined to work on these issues, the ego usually gets it's way and on goes the pattern.

     The trick is to recognize the ego's sleight of hand and not just agree with it because you don't feel the willingness to work on it or the willingness to let the change take place. This is where I have used a deeper technique of stating that "I am willing to be made willing". This goes beyond the ego's false boundaries and bypasses any resistance to change that may be lurking in the shadows.

     Still not feeling the willingness to change? I have been there too. This is where I believe that going as deep as you need to go to eradicate the resistance is necessary. What do I mean? There are times when the resistance has nothing to do with you in this lifetime, especially if the issue is something that you have tried to work on in the past with no lasting results. That pattern may be attached to you at a soul/spirit level that goes back many ancestral generations, lifetimes, across dimensional timelines, past, present, and future, and well you get the picture. So in order to break that bond and release the pattern, it must be severed back to the very beginning. You can be the one to set it right forever!

     It's no accident that you are reading this, you have been led here by Spirit to see this truth and to experience a freeing act of love for yourself. As I am writing this I am resistant but compelled to keep writing. I am resistant because my ego is giving me a "who do you think you are" , but my spirit knows that the words that I am compelled to put on this page are not coming from my self made wisdom. This comes from what I am inspired by Spirit to write for you to find so that you can finally find the freedom that you are so desperately looking for. It also comes from personal experience in using it for myself.

            "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  Buddhist Proverb

     I was a willing and ready student and the answers came to me through various sources, through synchronistic meanderings. These truths are nothing new, they have been around for a very long time, finding them makes them treasure.

     To get to the root of the pattern, sit in meditation, open yourself to the leading of your inner guide to go back as many generations, lifetimes, dimensions, past, present, and future as needed. When you are ready, state your recognition of the pattern and your desire to eradicate it from your life once and for all of time, then start repeating "I am willing to be made willing, to be made willing, to be made willing, to be made willing......". Keep going and allow Spirit to lead you back as far as you need to go. When you physically feel at peace and no longer feel compelled to continue going back, go forward into the future, then go dimensionally (up, down, left, right, front, back) as you feel led to do. Again when you feel at peace and no longer compelled to keep going, then you will know that you have completed the clearing. Then forgive and express gratitude for the loving presence that will replace the pattern with a new divinely appointed pattern.  It may or may not be necessary for you to go into all of the different aspects of what I have described. Everyone is different, so do what feels right for you.

     Once the clearing is done, you will probably feel lighter, enjoy this as it may be a strange feeling for you. You may even feel raw, sleepy, light headed, etc. Make sure to take the time to give yourself  nurturing and love yourself through small acts of kindness even if it is just looking in the mirror, smiling, and saying out loud "I love me". If anything else comes up as a result of this clearing," rinse and repeat ". I know that for myself, there have been many petals to open in the lotus of my soul and when the time is right each will open to reveal the beauty within which is the true self connected to Spirit and filled with love....





Saturday, March 2, 2013


        Have you ever had the thought  "It doesn't matter what I think." or "It's just a thought." . What if you knew that behind every thought, there is the possibility for the  manifestation of a dream?

     "Inspiration is Spirit's nudge to the heart and mind to manifest through the power of intention,
while using the imagery in our imagination and the feeling of our emotions to begin to give life to  our thoughts." 

     Have you placed your imagination on the 'shelf' of life telling yourself that you don't have time for daydreaming or by just being caught up in life on a daily basis? On the other hand it could also be that electronics have taken up much of the time that could be spent with our imaginations. 

      Were you told as a child to stop daydreaming and have it said to you in such a way as to cause you to make the silent decision to stop forever? So many of us have done that and the results are that instead of purposely and magnificently directing the path that our life will take by using our imagination to see what it is that we desire, we allow our ego to misguide us through images of past experiences that were not in the direction that we would have chosen if in our right heart and mind space.

      In other words if you had a choice to have and be anything at all, would you choose the negative and undesirable circumstances that have come up in the past to repeat themselves or would you change them to something better?  

     The ego's images are imprinted in our minds so that when a similar situation comes up or even when you hear a familiar phrase that could lead to similar circumstances, we are reminded of that situation by the memory of the images, thoughts, and emotions that are stored. The ego reacts as though the same scenario will manifest again by bringing forth the images, thoughts,  and emotions that we experienced at that time thus manifesting the same patterns of behavior and calling into being the same circumstances in our lives over and over again!

     Our brains are more like muscles than we know and are capable of amazing feats of creation,  restoration, healing, inspiration, and influence than we are aware of or even know yet. If we don't use that muscle it will atrophy and it is as if we have become a culture of lazy brained victims because we have forgotten the actions needed to exercise our right to and the power of our imagination to create a more beautiful, peaceful, and powerful expression of who we were meant to be.  We vibrate at a very low level of energy that keeps us stuck in fear, lack, and depression at times. Then we wonder "why did this or that happen or keep happening", "why can't I make my life work", "make more money", or "find the right relationship".

     OK, an example of this has occurred in my own life and I have been the lazy brained victim that I have described to you above. I can look at it now and be grateful for the awakening to the truth of my true power and for the opportunity to be able to share this with you, so that you too may be able to  break through to a more uniquely expressive version of you.

     For a very long time I have been sad and frustrated by the fact that I could not see any images in my mind when attempting to visualize something that I was inspired to think about. I would try to conjure up an image and it would just become muddled by images from the past or it would feel as if there were a solid wall in the way of my imagination.  It was so easy though for my ego to bring back the images of the negative vortex of failures in relationships, lack of cooperation from others, and just plain unexplained negative results in circumstances in almost every area of my life.

     I got to the point where I thought I was destined to be stuck in the same vortex of failure and lack forever. Then I made a commitment to do the work in  "May Cause Miracles".  The day to day meditation practice and exercises in using the willingness to choose, to forgive, to be grateful, to recognize, and to release the past negative attitudes and beleifs that the ego perpetuates, and create a new mindset for getting ready to create a new reality and use your imagination as inspiration nudges you to do. I believe that by week 3 of this daily work I discovered that I was able to visualize in my minds eye for the first time in what has felt like forever, vivid images of myself creating a change in my ability to have an increase in abundance.  My mind muscle is working again and getting stronger as the days go on as long as I keep using it!

     I believe that this work can be the turning point in many peoples lives. It takes a willingness and a commitment to do the work and it is definitely hard work in silencing the ego's false beliefs, but you will be amazed at the difference it can make in your life. I am feeling reconnected to my true self/my inner guide and to the Oneness of all with an enthusiasm for this work with purpose.

To The Awakening of Your Inspiration,

I am ravenous for information in my search for truth and have found threads that connect all truths like a beautiful silk web of thought. I have found these two books to be directly connected for me and maybe they will inspire you as well, as you travel through the path in unraveling your truth...


Monday, January 28, 2013

I Am Looking For Miracles!

I Am Looking For Miracles!

 I have begun a journey that is rocking my world at a deeper level than I have experienced in a long time. Here is how it started.

I was perusing through my junk mail file to see if there was anything of interest or importance and as usual, some of my mail from my “safe sender” list ended up there so I retrieved it. One of the emails was from our building link, entitled “May Cause Miracles”. I don’t know about you but I am always looking for synchronicity and this subject line intrigued me, so my curiosity compelled me to read it. It was an invitation to join a book club for the new book by Gabrielle Bernstein “May Cause Miracles”. Hmm, well this was exciting considering that I have been asking for a miracle in my life that would get me out of my isolation, self-doubt, and general stuckness. Ok I looked it up and “stuckness” is not a real word, I just made it up because that is how I was feeling “stuck”.

 You see about 3 months ago, I lost my J.O.B. and  decided that it is time to move on out of the medical field and pursue my passion again for the second time. The first time was about 2 years ago when I started this blog. Two years ago, well the money ran out and back to work, I went. Before long, I lost my drive to be passionate about my passion. I gave up.

For a long time since then, the bubbles of desire and inspiration have been coming up from somewhere deep in my being.  My higher self has been planning and conspiring with me to get me to finally take that last step, but I just would not do it. I continued to make up reasons why I could not do anything about it because I needed to pay off this or that debt first and have a clear idea about what I am going to do. Sounds logical right? However, like most of us I just could not bring myself to the point of actually following through with starting down that path to make it happen so… the universe did it for me.

OK, so back to the miracles. Instead of deliberating over whether or not I should join this group (which is what I normally do), I immediately shot off an email to the poster and expressed my interest. Days went by and no response. I thought, “with my luck she probably never even received my email” and with that I sent another one, even though it was past the deadline. Sure enough she had not received my email and again I would normally just have blown it off and assumed that it was not meant to be. We established a date and I was excited about actually meeting people in my building that had an interest in something that interests me! Believe me that was a miracle in and of itself as I have felt very segregated from people with similar interests for a very long time. Not that I didn’t have opportunities to meet and interact with people, just that the people that I was meeting and interacting with did not share similar interests. Very bizarre and very lonely!

(I am sharing some of this because I truly believe that there are others out there going through similar circumstances. Feeling and thinking that they are somehow flawed or feeling confused, as I was.)

Upon meeting the women in the group for the first time, there were many similarities such as we are all professionals, all unmarried, and all looking for miracles in some part of our lives. We spoke of goals, of relationships, work, and difficulties in all of these areas, and we became instantly connected with compassion, concern, and loving support for one another. What I found to be the final confirmation for me to start believing in miracles again is that two of us are Sagittarians and two of us are Aries. If you are laughing at me now and saying “oh, so what!”, the two signs are as compatible as any two signs can be! It sealed the bond and we all knew it!

The following two weeks would be spent in the first 14 days of the books teachings and exercises on our own due to personal commitments/out of town engagements and such, but we all vowed to keep in touch via email. Into week 2 we have not managed to be as diligent as we would like however, there is an understanding that we are all likely to get busy and will meet at the designated time on January 30th to continue our bonding and sharing of this experience.

For myself, I can tell you that doing the daily short readings, quick meditations, and journaling, I am amazed at the miracle of this book. It has inspired me to actually follow through with all of these things because I can see how, by breaking it down into such manageable bites, this is something that I can and want to do! Why? I am ready for change. I am ready to make a difference in other peoples lives and not just my own. I want to be successful at my endeavors instead of in a constant cycle of trial, failure, and resignation.

 I am already seeing some significant shifts in that I am noticing my own self destructive thoughts. I am becoming willing to acknowledge them and forgive myself for having them. I am becoming willing to allow myself to love…myself… maybe even for the first time…

If this is something that draws you in and you want to experience it for yourself, get this book and invite some other women to join you in forming a book club. You won’t regret it and “It May Cause Miracles!”
I will be creating other blog posts on some of the miracles that I am experiencing as well as some of the insights that I have while doing this work. I hope you will come back and follow me on this adventure….


Friday, March 5, 2010


     Is our world changing for the better? If you look around at all of the things that are going on in our world, you might say ‘absolutely not'. If we were to base everything that we believe, on what is going on in our world right now, what hope do we have in anything getting better? I would say ‘not one little bit'. If on the other hand we were to base our belief on what is going on behind the scenes in the hearts and minds of the human race, we may say without a doubt ‘yes'. Well, who's hearts and minds are we talking about here? If you are reading this then I would say yours, mine, and a growing number of people who have become or are in the process of, a shift in consciousness. An awakening as some would say.

     I'm sure that most people have heard of the New Age Movement that started some years ago and maybe you are even turned off by the label or even the idea, because you think it is just a bunch of weird people talking about a bunch of hippie stuff, stuck in the 60's. Maybe it is weird stuff, but isn't anything that we don't understand kinda weird? I think it's weird, but I also think that the more I understand it and immerse myself in it, I think it's wonderous and ‘I get it'. The more ‘I get it', the more I appreciate it, because I can feel myself changing on a very deep level. A shift in consciousness.

     Essentially, we are still talking about the date of 12/21/2012 as a reference point for all of the discussions on this subject in the forum. The Mayan ‘Prophesy' that everyone is talking about, when researched, has no actual documentation that says that this will be the end of our world. According to scholars there are no accounts of impending catastrophe in Mayan writings. At best, the end of the Mayan calendar signifies the end of a cycle of time, which the Mayan people consider a time of great celebration. "Mayan archaeologist Jose Huchm has stated that "If I went to some Mayan-speaking communities and asked people what is going to happen in 2012, they wouldn't have any idea. That the world is going to end? They wouldn't believe you. We have real concerns these days, like rain"." (from Wikepedia 2012 Phenomenon).

     So does that mean that this date has no significance? I don't think so. Looking at many different theories and writings from cultures all over the world, who point to this date as a time of great change, it is possible to weave a tapestry in the mind that may be the catalyst that the human race needs to come together and finally make the changes that are needed to create a heaven on earth. That is, if people will open their minds to new ways of interpreting what is truth,the changes will occur one person at a time. It starts with myself and then another and another.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Buddhist Proverb.

"I can't change another person. I can only change myself. Others tend to change in response to the changes in me." Unknown Author.

     We can focus our energy on changes for good or we can focus our energy on creating the destruction that we want to avoid. Science has proven that everything is energy and therefore everything operates through that energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy that create our reality. I vote for focusing on the good energy. How about you?

     Some of the different theories to check out for yourself, are: The Galactic Alignment that just so happens to fall on the Winter Solstice of 2012, the arrival of the Age of Aquarius (much controversy surrounds this as to whether we are in it and when it actually begins), Terrance McKenna's Time Wave Zero based on his interpretation of the King Wen sequence of the I Ching, which he calculated to end in the year 2012, Hindu Vedic Astrologers (also controversial). Try visiting different websites that focus on these ideas and find out what they are saying about the shift in consciousness; watch YouTube videos on meditation and consciousness. What ever you are being called to, will present itself to you in perfect order for what you need to know, to grow on your personal path, at the time that you need to know it. Even if some of the information is inaccurate, that will be revealed to you as it is needed. It's all a part of the shift.......

Here's to smooth shifting.....

Aniell  : )


Thursday, March 4, 2010


    Most people have heard something about the date of 12/21/2012, whether good or bad, it is something to talk about and some may say ‘or not'. : ) There are always at least, two sides to every argument, opinion, or theory. In this case there are many, some positive, some negative, and some neutral or undecided. The extreme negative are in our face from the recent film 2012, YouTube videos about planet X (Nibiru) slamming into the earth, among other cosmic disasters, and then there are the age old prophesies of Revelations, Nostradamus, the Mayan, and the Hopi. Even some of the prophesies are skewed by speculation or dramatized for sensationalism. The later two are not necessarily completely negative or clear. Then there are the more positive opinions and theories, from New Age Thinkers, Galactic Alignment Theory, Time Wave Zero associated with the I Ching by Terrance McKenna which contemplate the dawning of the new Golden Age with the Awakening of all to higher consciousness or a consciousness shift. There are also opinions from those who believe that something is going to happen but they are just not sure what that something might be, maybe a mixture of the good and the bad.

     What ever the truth is no one will really know for sure until that date arrives and we can all see for ourselves. Yet there will be those who get a thrill from spreading fear and chaos and those who will latch onto the negative ideas and stress out over the supposed coming doom and destruction. They will stockpile food and supplies, build shelters, arm themselves with weapons, and do all the things that can be done to survive a catastrophic event.

     Some may choose to go about the business of living their lives and continuing to grow and evolve in their individual consciousness', for their known purpose. Striving toward building a more loving and peaceful world, fighting pollution, and coming up with new ways and ideas for preventing and handling possible catastrophes, that may happen in the near future.

     Some may just shake their head and choose to ignore the whole thing with a ‘whatever will be, will be' attitude. Some will just not care one way or the other or be confused about it because of a lack of information.

     It reminds me so much of the 90's and the Y2K scare. People were really scared that this was the end. I remember how people reacted by doing some of the same things that they are doing now to prepare for disaster. Look. I'm not saying that it's not a smart thing to do, to prepare for possible hard times or even a disaster, especially if living in a place where disasters are known to happen or could happen. I also realize that sometimes these things are beyond any one's knowledge and may be unpreventable. What I am saying is that I don't think anyone can predict something with 100% accuracy, such as the end of the world....

     In my opinion, in order to make an intelligent informed decision about what beliefs a person chooses to accept, research, logic, and a sense of ‘knowing, a spiritual sense of knowing in your heart' what rings as truth for that person is the only way to go. If indeed we must go...

Prosperity, Light, and Love,

Below is a list of products and websites for you to explore. Do some research and see what resonates with you. The first 3 on the list are products for purchase which I will receive a commission from if you go through the link on this page ( I am required to disclose this information according to the new FTC endorsement rules) and I thank you in advance if you do decide to purchase. The websites listed below them are sites that I have found of interest in my own research. I think circles of light is my favorite though. Can you guess what my opinion of 2012 is?

2012 Secrets Exposed!

2012 Official Countdown

Interesting Websites: many articles on different theories many informative articles from enlightenment view great site for kids

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


    Here is an interesting question for all of us. When faced with a situation that just really pisses you off, what do you do? Do you react or do you respond? Most people would say that the correct answer is to respond and they would be right, however what about on the inside. Think about it. Even though we may respond appropriately on the level of what is socially or politically correct, on the inside there may be a whole different scenario going on. We may wish any number of unfortunate things to happen to that person or use a passive aggressive approach and do something sarcastically to help them along or trip them up. Sound familiar? Oh come on you know you’ve done it, here’s an example:

     ‘Your co-worker, who already irritates you, makes another stupid comment at the most inappropriate time and then wants to engage you in conversation for the next 10 minutes talking about a topic that makes absolutely no sense to you. You laugh a little and excuse yourself politely, then go about your business. On the inside you are having a whole different conversation with yourself about that person and it does not involve sending them a nice bottle of wine.…..Later on you may “forget” to relay an important piece of information or do a small task that if left undone by you, you know will have to be done by that person….Day after day this goes on and things just seem to get worse even if on the outside we continue to try different approaches in responding correctly to the situation’….

     Sound familiar? It’s a vicious cycle and you can apply that type of scenario to any situation in life.

      Eventually we may end up confronting the individual or walking away from the situation completely. Then we have to try to sort through all of the feelings and attitudes that have built up over time and have added to our dysfunctional behavior. We justify that we tried every thing we could possibly have done, but don’t ya know, that same scenario keeps repeating itself in our lives over and over again in different situations.

     So how do we change it? One simple word can change everything. That word is BLESSING. Yes, that’s right blessing. Instead of cursing them, which is really what we secretly do in our heads with all of the negative thoughts and actions, why not try blessing them. It does not need to be anything more than just that one word spoken silently, secretly, with the same calm demeanor that we “respond” with on the outside. Phrase it if you like, any way you feel comfortable with, but do it no matter how you really feel, just do it.

     You may be asking ‘How can that possibly change anything?’ That takes us back to the fact that our thoughts create our reality. This includes what we think “about” other people. Play with that for a little while. If we think negatively ‘about their behavior’ or what we don’t like ‘about them’, our negativity invites more of the same ‘from them’. There is no expectation or anticipation of change. With a blessing, however there is an expectation or anticipation of change and there is no negativity in it, for either the other person or the self. This brings both people into alignment with ‘Oneness’. Now imagine if every one of us made this a practice?

     Let me end this with another thought. Does making this practice of blessing others when an irritating or uncomfortable situation comes in to play mean that our personalities have to change? Do we give up our sense of humor, our mannerisms, our personalities and become a bunch of pious and proper idiots. No. The blessing brings us into alignment with each other. It makes us more in tune to each others feelings and increases understanding, tolerance, and respect for one another’s place in this life. It may be a change that only occurs within us and not the other person. It may be a change in the circumstances or any combination, what makes it meaningful, is that there is no negativity coming from the self. It breeds empathy, compassion, laughter, and a positive attitude. That is what I want in my life…. How about you?

I see you….

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