Saturday, March 2, 2013


        Have you ever had the thought  "It doesn't matter what I think." or "It's just a thought." . What if you knew that behind every thought, there is the possibility for the  manifestation of a dream?

     "Inspiration is Spirit's nudge to the heart and mind to manifest through the power of intention,
while using the imagery in our imagination and the feeling of our emotions to begin to give life to  our thoughts." 

     Have you placed your imagination on the 'shelf' of life telling yourself that you don't have time for daydreaming or by just being caught up in life on a daily basis? On the other hand it could also be that electronics have taken up much of the time that could be spent with our imaginations. 

      Were you told as a child to stop daydreaming and have it said to you in such a way as to cause you to make the silent decision to stop forever? So many of us have done that and the results are that instead of purposely and magnificently directing the path that our life will take by using our imagination to see what it is that we desire, we allow our ego to misguide us through images of past experiences that were not in the direction that we would have chosen if in our right heart and mind space.

      In other words if you had a choice to have and be anything at all, would you choose the negative and undesirable circumstances that have come up in the past to repeat themselves or would you change them to something better?  

     The ego's images are imprinted in our minds so that when a similar situation comes up or even when you hear a familiar phrase that could lead to similar circumstances, we are reminded of that situation by the memory of the images, thoughts, and emotions that are stored. The ego reacts as though the same scenario will manifest again by bringing forth the images, thoughts,  and emotions that we experienced at that time thus manifesting the same patterns of behavior and calling into being the same circumstances in our lives over and over again!

     Our brains are more like muscles than we know and are capable of amazing feats of creation,  restoration, healing, inspiration, and influence than we are aware of or even know yet. If we don't use that muscle it will atrophy and it is as if we have become a culture of lazy brained victims because we have forgotten the actions needed to exercise our right to and the power of our imagination to create a more beautiful, peaceful, and powerful expression of who we were meant to be.  We vibrate at a very low level of energy that keeps us stuck in fear, lack, and depression at times. Then we wonder "why did this or that happen or keep happening", "why can't I make my life work", "make more money", or "find the right relationship".

     OK, an example of this has occurred in my own life and I have been the lazy brained victim that I have described to you above. I can look at it now and be grateful for the awakening to the truth of my true power and for the opportunity to be able to share this with you, so that you too may be able to  break through to a more uniquely expressive version of you.

     For a very long time I have been sad and frustrated by the fact that I could not see any images in my mind when attempting to visualize something that I was inspired to think about. I would try to conjure up an image and it would just become muddled by images from the past or it would feel as if there were a solid wall in the way of my imagination.  It was so easy though for my ego to bring back the images of the negative vortex of failures in relationships, lack of cooperation from others, and just plain unexplained negative results in circumstances in almost every area of my life.

     I got to the point where I thought I was destined to be stuck in the same vortex of failure and lack forever. Then I made a commitment to do the work in  "May Cause Miracles".  The day to day meditation practice and exercises in using the willingness to choose, to forgive, to be grateful, to recognize, and to release the past negative attitudes and beleifs that the ego perpetuates, and create a new mindset for getting ready to create a new reality and use your imagination as inspiration nudges you to do. I believe that by week 3 of this daily work I discovered that I was able to visualize in my minds eye for the first time in what has felt like forever, vivid images of myself creating a change in my ability to have an increase in abundance.  My mind muscle is working again and getting stronger as the days go on as long as I keep using it!

     I believe that this work can be the turning point in many peoples lives. It takes a willingness and a commitment to do the work and it is definitely hard work in silencing the ego's false beliefs, but you will be amazed at the difference it can make in your life. I am feeling reconnected to my true self/my inner guide and to the Oneness of all with an enthusiasm for this work with purpose.

To The Awakening of Your Inspiration,

I am ravenous for information in my search for truth and have found threads that connect all truths like a beautiful silk web of thought. I have found these two books to be directly connected for me and maybe they will inspire you as well, as you travel through the path in unraveling your truth...


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