Tuesday, March 12, 2013


     When I am attempting to change something in my life there is one thing that I have learned that never fails. I need this one thing to be true at a very deep level of my heart. This one thing is to be "willing". Just to be willing allows the possibility for change.

     Sometimes, things pop into our awareness and a light bulb goes off that this is possibly something that needs to be different or it's in our face that it has to be different now! Regardless of how it shows up, we are made aware of the need. Sometimes it shows up in our awareness and we recognize the need for a change, but there is a resistance deep inside that wants to keep holding on to that thought process, habit, fear, or resistance. The ego goes about trying to talk us into keeping it for a little bit longer or to just ignore it. Unless we are determined to work on these issues, the ego usually gets it's way and on goes the pattern.

     The trick is to recognize the ego's sleight of hand and not just agree with it because you don't feel the willingness to work on it or the willingness to let the change take place. This is where I have used a deeper technique of stating that "I am willing to be made willing". This goes beyond the ego's false boundaries and bypasses any resistance to change that may be lurking in the shadows.

     Still not feeling the willingness to change? I have been there too. This is where I believe that going as deep as you need to go to eradicate the resistance is necessary. What do I mean? There are times when the resistance has nothing to do with you in this lifetime, especially if the issue is something that you have tried to work on in the past with no lasting results. That pattern may be attached to you at a soul/spirit level that goes back many ancestral generations, lifetimes, across dimensional timelines, past, present, and future, and well you get the picture. So in order to break that bond and release the pattern, it must be severed back to the very beginning. You can be the one to set it right forever!

     It's no accident that you are reading this, you have been led here by Spirit to see this truth and to experience a freeing act of love for yourself. As I am writing this I am resistant but compelled to keep writing. I am resistant because my ego is giving me a "who do you think you are" , but my spirit knows that the words that I am compelled to put on this page are not coming from my self made wisdom. This comes from what I am inspired by Spirit to write for you to find so that you can finally find the freedom that you are so desperately looking for. It also comes from personal experience in using it for myself.

            "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  Buddhist Proverb

     I was a willing and ready student and the answers came to me through various sources, through synchronistic meanderings. These truths are nothing new, they have been around for a very long time, finding them makes them treasure.

     To get to the root of the pattern, sit in meditation, open yourself to the leading of your inner guide to go back as many generations, lifetimes, dimensions, past, present, and future as needed. When you are ready, state your recognition of the pattern and your desire to eradicate it from your life once and for all of time, then start repeating "I am willing to be made willing, to be made willing, to be made willing, to be made willing......". Keep going and allow Spirit to lead you back as far as you need to go. When you physically feel at peace and no longer feel compelled to continue going back, go forward into the future, then go dimensionally (up, down, left, right, front, back) as you feel led to do. Again when you feel at peace and no longer compelled to keep going, then you will know that you have completed the clearing. Then forgive and express gratitude for the loving presence that will replace the pattern with a new divinely appointed pattern.  It may or may not be necessary for you to go into all of the different aspects of what I have described. Everyone is different, so do what feels right for you.

     Once the clearing is done, you will probably feel lighter, enjoy this as it may be a strange feeling for you. You may even feel raw, sleepy, light headed, etc. Make sure to take the time to give yourself  nurturing and love yourself through small acts of kindness even if it is just looking in the mirror, smiling, and saying out loud "I love me". If anything else comes up as a result of this clearing," rinse and repeat ". I know that for myself, there have been many petals to open in the lotus of my soul and when the time is right each will open to reveal the beauty within which is the true self connected to Spirit and filled with love....





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