Monday, March 1, 2010




     Did you ever wonder why it's so hard to change negative thinking? After all, it seems that if we don't want the negative thoughts to begin with, then why are we thinking them? Where are they coming from? Did you ever wake up in the morning and decide; ‘Hey! I think I'll fill my day with negative thoughts.' Of course not ! At least not on purpose, right?

     Well....yes and no. You see most of our thoughts begin at a subconscious level and come from the deeply rooted belief system that we have learned throughout our lives, which began from early childhood. Things that are said to us become deeply imbedded in our subconscious minds and this is what we remember when a similar circumstance presents itself to us. If you haven't ever consciously worked on changing these deep rooted beliefs, then they will rear their ugly head when we come to a similar or familiar situation that triggers the belief that was formed at that time. Those are the thoughts that are most likely behind every bad day you have ever had.

    It's hard to change these thoughts because we have to become aware of them. We have to set our intentions to be diligent enough to catch the thought patterns as they present themselves. It takes repetition and trial and error. You may think that it's just too hard and give up sometimes, but then you have to ask yourself these questions.
  1. "Do I really want to change my life and clear out old negative thinking patterns?"
  2. "Am I tired enough of all of the unrealized dreams and successes that I could have had, if I had not talked myself out of them?"
  3. "What is my freedom from negativity worth to me? Am I willing to pay that price?"
  4. "What are some of the goals that I could reach if I could just change those negative thought patterns?"

    If you have answered yes to 1, 2, and 3b, and  you were able to put a value to the freedom and you can name some of the goals that could be achieved, then you are ready to start working on changing this for yourself.

     Sometimes we think that the changes that we need to make are going to happen by saying a prayer, reading a book, or attending a seminar. This can happen, but most of the time those kinds of changes are short lived. It takes some hard work to change something that has been with you for a long time. Just like a bad habit. We have to retrain our brains to think the more positive thoughts and establish new beneficial beliefs that will help us accomplish our goals, be successful, and realize our dreams.

     I'm sure you have heard some of these principals before. Maybe even tried some of these things for a while and then gave up a time or two. That is just part of the process. If that does happen, get up, brush it off, and try again. Don't entertain thoughts of failure and defeat for not being able to win the battle, as these are a strategically placed trap that the subconscious mind uses to keep holding on to the negativity that you are trying to get rid of. Why? Because, that is a comfort zone, believe it or not, the subconscious doesn't have anything positive to replace it with so it is familiar and comfortable even though we feel uncomfortable consciously. I know right?... 

     If there are thoughts that are so deeply ingrained that you just can't seem to get rid of them or control them, then the process becomes more complicated. You can spend months or years in counseling and therapy, which has its benefits and I have personally used this when it was needed. It gave me a foundation to work with for helping myself move into a better understanding of relationships and my own mind. However, in order to completely wipe out those deeply rooted beliefs, and continue to grow and evolve, it may be necessary to use other tools.

     I have talked about using NLP, BWE, and EFT before. I strongly believe in their use for rewiring or rearranging the way that the brain processes information. When it is paired up with subliminal messaging or hypnosis, the effects are even more impressive. I used to be afraid of things like hypnosis and subliminal messages, but since I have experienced their benefits I am fully convinced of their usefulness and safety. There are even programs that you can purchase that allow you to make your own audios or videos with subliminal messages. As a note about hypnosis,  no one can make you do something that you don't want to do, even under hypnosis. New technology is there for us to use and benefit from and embrace it instead of fearing it.

     Don't get me wrong, you should still be diligent about researching the facts behind anything that will effect your brain, but keep an open mind when researching and don't just latch on to the first negative comments or opinions that you come to. Anyone can easily find someone who has had a negative experience with anything on the internet. If you don't believe me then try Googling about something that you know to be a beneficial product or idea by typing in the negative version of the search, and see how many results you get. Again, that is a part of our negative programming. It's all around us, we just have to learn how to tune it out and fill our minds with positive people, ideas, and circumstances.

  "Any negative emotion that is not fully faced and seen for what it is in the moment it arises does not completely dissolve. It leaves behind a remnant."

   "If there is nothing you can do, face what is and say, ‘Well, right now, this is how it is. I can either accept it, or make myself miserable.' The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about the situation. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral, which always is as it is." Eckhart Tolle

     As always the theme of consciousness and awakening to your higher self presents itself. All of the things that are presented for improving life are working together to bring about the changes that are needed on an individual basis and on a global basis. We are all connected and we can all change for the greater good.

Prosperity, Light, and Love to all....

   I thought that this video was a perfect ending to this post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...